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Pretty cool. But I have to ask one question, what is acetone and from what sort of shop could I get it from?

BTW, I'm from the UK, does any one know if its called anything different here?

Unless I'm mistaken, acetone is the same thing as nail polish remover.

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That looks like fun! I also like the results. OK, the big question, where can I get this holoflash material and at what sort of price?

You can order it in from just about any sign shop that deals with vinal graphics and of course I sell it as well........

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acetone is VERY, i repeat VERY nasty stuff. you need a respirator with a filter specifically designed for paints and toxic fumes.

ive done stuff with acetone while glassing surfboards and have heard horror stories about people years ago who didnt wear mask and they are pretty messed up right now.

it doesnt take alot of the stuff to really mess you up, its been proven to cause cancer too.

so, watch out, not something to play around with.

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Acetone *is* nail varnish remover - or to be more precise, most nail varnish remover is acetone. I wouldn't advise people to make themselves Singapore Slings with acetone, but it really isn't that toxic, certainly not compared to a great many solvents used in finishing.

In the UK acetone is available in most chemists, and is inexpenisve (I got a small bottle for 89p).

The following comes from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease registry (ATSDR):

How can acetone affect my health?

If you are exposed to acetone, it goes into your blood which then carries it to all the organs in your body. If it is a small amount, the liver breaks it down to chemicals that are not harmful and uses these chemicals to make energy for normal body functions. Breathing moderate- to-high levels of acetone for short periods of time, however, can cause nose, throat, lung, and eye irritation; headaches; light-headedness; confusion; increased pulse rate; effects on blood; nausea; vomiting; unconsciousness and possibly coma; and shortening of the menstrual cycle in women.

Swallowing very high levels of acetone can result in unconsciousness and damage to the skin in your mouth. Skin contact can result in irritation and damage to your skin.

The smell and respiratory irritation or burning eyes that occur from moderate levels are excellent warning signs that can help you avoid breathing damaging levels of acetone.

Health effects from long-term exposures are known mostly from animal studies. Kidney, liver, and nerve damage, increased birth defects, and lowered ability to reproduce (males only) occurred in animals exposed long-term. It is not known if people would have these same effects.

How likely is acetone to cause cancer?

The Department of Health and Human Services, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have not classified acetone for carcinogenicity.

Acetone does not cause skin cancer in animals when applied to the skin. We don't know if breathing or swallowing acetone for long periods will cause cancer. Studies of workers exposed to it found no significant risk of death from cancer.

In short, don't bath daily in it, and you'll be OK.

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Nail Varnish Remover = Usually Aceton mixed with a thinner

Concerning the horror stories:

There are horror stories about everything in our time. Acetone in my opínion is not worse then nitro and other solvents. As I was a small kid I build aircraft models, etc. and I really used loads of Acetone without any care or gloves. To this day I clean my hands with Acetone if I have gotten laquer, etc. on the skin. Im feeling great and healthy. I know that it IS stupid to deal with toxic substances like acetone that way and it is definatley better to handle it with care and war proper protecions. I just want to say that is not THAT terrible at least I think so....

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Cool tutorial!! Thanks!!

As for acetone - has anyone used it on your hands (to remove CA glue, ...) and forget that you have a cut in your hand? :DB):D:D:DB)

Ooooooowwwwww!!!!!!!!!! That hurts!!!!!

From working in the shop, I always seem to have a few nicks, scrapes, ... in my hands and when the acetone hits them - I nearly hit the roof!! I am extremely cautious about this nowadays (I'm a slow learner at these types of things).

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Acetone is wonderful stuff! Its a super solvent and I can't think of a better one aside from Brake cleaner. When I was working on fibreglass boats we used it exclusively for cleaning brushes and troweling tools. It feels cold to the touch because of its extreme evaporative properties. Sort of the same cooling effect you feel when sweat evaporates from your body, but more intense. A lot of paints and fillers are acetone based because it gasses off (cures) quickly.

If you want to find all the cuts on your hands try washing up with laundry detergent...STINGS!

The one you want to watch out for is polyurethane paint which contains isocyanates. The paint provides the best finish and is extremely durable. But I was told that if you want to use it without exposing yourself to isocyanates you basically need some form of self-contained breathing apparatus. There are no known filtering systems/masks that will prevent isocyanates from entering your lungs.


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When I was working at an autobody shop I did a lot of paint prep...I had worked with a paint stripper made for aircraft paint...you spread it on...you covered it with plastic you come back 10 minutes later and the paint will fall off...you don't even have to scrape....THAT was some crazy stuff...way faster than sanding for getting paint off large panels

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