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  1. Huh. How about a blast of compressed air?
  2. The problem with guide bushes is that you have to be able to bake in the offset, which often isn't the easiest trick when making an odd shape. I reduced the collar depth on my bushes so they work with 5mm acrylic templates, and when you've factored laser cutting into the equation it's a different game altogether. I do like using guide bushes as a method of reducing down the final cut for flush routing, especially for things where it isn't practical to bandsaw up to the line. A 1/2" external diameter with an 8mm bit is a charm....leaves under 2,5mm still to cut, which is normally way below the threshold where tool pressure exceeds splitting force versus cutting force, and offers far more options if you need to climb cut. Apologies for the off topicness....
  3. On the contrary! Imagine how worthy being defeated by this entry would be?
  4. For my own part, I prefer using a (thick plywood) template based on the outer cavity cover size, then starting the inner cavity using a guide bushing. This does require the use of a relatively shallow router bit for the initial cut of course. My small milling cutter has seen better days, and I'm struggling to replace it in a metric shank. This also reminds me that I need to invest in a full bearing set from Rall Guitars, or whoever can do them at a better price
  5. All useful conversation is positive! No hijacking here, simply an extension of the idea presented I guess.
  6. You can still use inserts, but with something like brass screws to act as individual string nuts. I was thinking whether the example above has some method of keeping the individual screws located tightly, or whether it depends on string downpressure.
  7. I'd say that a fine-pitched screw is all that is needed, however given the play in most threadforms I'd hazard that threading your own would be better. An M3 fine thread would allow .175mm of adjustment per half revolution if the witness point were symmetrical. This isn't difficult and uses off the shelf parts.
  8. Have they checked your asshole yet? No stone unturned, etc. Cue scene from Jaws, pulling out sunshine state plates. Still can't be cheap though. Hope it doesn't tank the startup.
  9. This looks like it isn't adjustable or easily serviceable, and are just brass posts filed to the point that a standard nut would serve. Just bullets of brass rod set into drilled holes.
  10. That's as maybe. By all means question the interpretation of any results via a second expert opinion (remember that you're not the expert!) and sure, raise these concerns and questions so they can be examined and explained correctly. Don't let doubt turn into denial, however clutch at straws all you want as long as it is doing so in a healthy realistic manner. My back was thrown out again this week, and I made sure I explained the circumstances, symptoms, etc. without adding in my own non-expert opinions....I only drive the thing, not work on the workings myself So, it seems we're all pretty fucked this week.
  11. Yes. This is common with invasive species such as giant hogweed. Figure out what caught you, because it can also increase likelihood of skin cancer. Nasty stuff.
  12. Yep. It's close to home for me also. My sister has a cyst on her brain causing neurogical issues such as confusion, balance problems, and even after an MRI and spinal tap we're still waiting for a proper diagnosis. Being healthy is a privilege of course, however the rate of progress in terms of timely availability seems to be on the decline. Jeremy Caaaa.....hunt has divied up the NHS and sold out what used to be the envy of the world when it comes to social healthcare (Aneurin, sorry). Right leaning government is not in the majority's favour, and predatory capitalism has sold entire populations up on the wheel. This - again - is not how things should or could be. Mike and I have had conversations about AHCA and how the poor implementation (an expected problem when overturning a money-rich incumbent system) has created wide divides where the needy fall through the cracks. I would argue that doing the absolute minimum is not ingrained in clinicians, more that the highly-educated healthcare specialists are ridiculously overstretched and underfunded that at some point decisions have to be made about what is realisible. I'm sickened that this blood is pushed onto the hands of the people who spent years educating themselves to improve healthcare, pushed by people who control the money and take for themselves. Yes, some clinicians will be burnt out by a lopsided system that doesn't allow them to meet their oath of doing no harm and maybe break them. Again, this is not how things are meant to be. Not by a long fucking shot.
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