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  1. Unless its another wood being mislabelled, I would submit that its Padauk also. This resource may help. You might just have one of those exceptional examples that don't look like what they are. A lot of trade woods (think, Teak, Purpleheart or Lignum Vitae) are often several distinct but superficially identical species that get lumped under one name. Padauk was definitely in there. Not sure if variants exist on the same kind of level as the usual suspects.
  2. Also (same as @curtisa's suggestion) loose springs that aren't under compression. The longer throw on the higher strings might leave them slack, unlike strings that require more compensation and hence compressed springs. A bit of electrical tape soon disproves whether this is what is happening.
  3. In some ways, being reined in from going all hell on a build is a good thing. For one, you're forced to consider your next steps and have plenty of time to refine your plan. I do that a lot. Oddly enough, whilst doing other woodwork.
  4. Weeeeeeeee.....!!!! Oops. I meant, "wheeeeeeee!!!".
  5. I might have to see if I can modify it for more silent running. At least, so much so that I don't need ear defenders around it.
  6. Oh hell yeah. That and the added noise of an extractor. Over the noise of the machine. I've owned two and used several, from benchtop to free-standing combination sanders. By far this one is the noisiest. Even over the noise of a 4ft oscillating drum/belt sander. It sounds like an old noise-powered vacuum cleaner whose primary function is to create noise, and pick up dust as an incidental bonus. Funny thing is, I bought it and can hate its poor aspects quite freely. I know of one shill who isn't able to say anything bad about it.
  7. I have that exact same spindle sander. Currently putting it through all kinds of hell and ripping it apart before I give an objective analysis in a review....any comments?
  8. Me too. Its been a lot of work and preparation. I just hope I can brush up nice for the camera and all that.
  9. Exactly. Probably an idea lost on most people, and probably one that doesn't even look good. But still, a challenge is always a challenge.
  10. Into a curve is always a challenge. I don't blame you for leaving it to concentrate on.
  11. So I was right then. That's a first for today.
  12. @ScottR would love to see that carving rack of yours....
  13. Flavours of the month. Seen a lot of those. As far as these bars and connecting rods go, I'll remain unconvinced until somebody demonstrates repeatable and verifiable improvements. If we built instruments off all of the anecdotal information out there, we'd have things thrown together from all manner of craziness. All that, and some people simply miss the fundamental 90% of basic work whilst tone chasing for a few percent of that last ten, you know? Same as "tonewood". Good wood is good wood. Brazilian Rosewood can be found as crap too.
  14. The headstock still needs colouring in.
  15. Thickening eh? I've seen Ebru a fair few times and wondered whether it's similar. If the water has been thickened, the paint won't flow as readily. In Ebru it seems to be fairly static and controllable. Swirls seem to be in constant easy motion.