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  1. First Build, so many lessons learned

    Totally! I haven't checked in for a few days but this looks like it's going swimmingly!
  2. looking for oversight... yeah it's me again...

    It's somewhat difficult to discern from the photo, however it looks like the growth ring's radii are a little tight from it being an average sized tree rather than massive monster. How dry is the wood? Straight in from "the source" or has it been sat indoors in your shop for a month or more? These two points may help you not fall foul of the board cupping on the bark side. The tighter the rings (smaller radius trunk) and the larger the difference between the inner and outer radii plus moisture content are critical. Black Walnut isn't the most stable of woods as it stands, so you need to stack the odds in your favour. Does the wood feel cool the touch at room temperature? If you cut it, does the sawdust form clumps if you press it between your fingers? These are two bluffer's signs that the wood isn't yet as dry as it should be.
  3. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    I can think of other things to call them.
  4. Black Limba Flying V

    Absolutely magical, and 100% by the numbers man. This is exactly how you play to win.
  5. Pariahrob's build log

    We'll talk about the Helix in good time Rob. I'm totally amp-less right now, so a Helix LT or floor is likely going to empty my pockets soon enough.
  6. fretfind2d multiscale help! rhino beginner help!

    I've got to find a bit of time to practice how to get the stream done smoothly without any hitches. It'll be a desktop stream with voiceover and a bit of chat. Since it's meant as a permanent record on the process, I'm going to try and keep it "on-script" so as not to generate a huge long video.
  7. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Best of luck on your metric bottle.
  8. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Ah, Glenrothes. I knew I knew the name. It's a Speysider, so a very different style to what we prefer. We're more into the robust tastes. Difficult whiskies. These are generally peated west coast and island whiskies. I'll do you a list of distilleries and expressions. Islay whiskies Ardbeg 10yo....standard and our favourite. 46% Corryvreckan....expensive, nearing cask strength (57%?) and one that needs a little water, time and patience "getting to know". Lagavulin 16yo....a classic, plus Nick Offerman! Laphroaig 10yo....their standard offering. Big medicinal peaty flavours. Maybe not for all, but affordable. We think it's a little watery at 40%. Caol Ila 12yo is their standard. Big part of JW Black Label. Wild enough to be interesting, tame enough to be approachable. Kilchoman Machir Bay....now their standard. Kind of semi-artisanal, but more of a modern approach to tradition. I like this one a lot. Bruichladdich (all very expensive) Port Charlotte....a somewhat rough but excellent whisky. Rough in a good way, with lots of peaty smoky interest. Octomore....if you go here, you're into nightmare peat territory. I bought Nina a bottle of 6.1 and it was worth every cent in spite of the huge cost. Island whiskies Jura Prophecy....super peaty and cereal-y. Very very nice. Origin 10yo....butterscotchy, smoke and cereal. Maybe a little sweet for me, but unique, that's for sure. Talisker 10yo....another big ingredient in Black Label. Salty, smoky and dry. Absolutely lovely. Highland Dalwhinnie 16yo....a bit of a different one here. Unpeated, super light and tastes like it evaporates off your tongue. Glorious. Speyside Cardhu 12yo....it can be a bit simple for the tastes of anybody that likes big flavours, however this is malty, sweet cereal-y and pure satin. The open secret behind Black Label. Overall I think that using JW Black Label as a reference point and trying the individual components helps orient your compass and figure out what you like about it. If I had to choose three for you, Caol Ila, Cardhu and Talisker.
  9. Les Paul build revisited

    Les Pauls can get a little punishing if you're prone to bad shoulders and back.
  10. Most of my sharpness is in the care taken with handling and storage, with regular polishing on leather impregnated with a little Autosol. Not entirely unlike looking after your shaving razor!
  11. Hand Planes

    That must have been a while back Scott. I haven't had need of a plane discussion for a number of years now!
  12. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Light goes in, bounces around within the material where more and more gets absorbed (converted to heat I guess) and very very little manages to both go in and come out. I would suspect that cats find Vantablack less impressive than we do, since our sensitivity to low light levels is very poor.
  13. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    That's the whole reason Stuart Semple produced Black 2.0; Vantablack was made available to one artist only (Anish Kapoor) and not to anybody else. Stuart explicitly does the same with Black 2.0 in that it is legally only available to sale to anybody that isn't Anish Kapoor.
  14. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Given that I've never heard of the last two, you might well be. Like I said, Cardhu. Would you like a tick list?
  15. Mr_Riddlers build thread