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  1. I love unconventional. If it's adequately thought-out, works within set parameters, etc. then there's no reason it can't become conventional.
  2. Nice DW735. Been considering that as a longer-term upgrade after I look access to the school gear.
  3. Do you guys know if there is any sort of advice on the beer forums or anything? I don't frequent them, so it's difficult to know where to ask the question.
  4. As long as that condition isn't liable to get one of us committed or medicated.
  5. Do you guys know if it's legal to send beer through the post from the EU to the US? I'd happily ping you a couple of bottles @ScottR if you'd then forward one on to @Mr Natural....thing is, I think postage would be something like €13,10 and each bottle is a hair under €5 each. Far less than what you'll be paying on what's on the table, right? We're going dirty tonight after a hard day's cabinet making work. Couple of cans of pissy Tuborg over dinner (steamed green beans, broccoli and carrots with oven-baked juniper berry and pepper salmon) with a big bottle of small beer for sauna (2,5% ABV kotikalja). We'll settle for the evening with a movie and a couple of Spitfires. The Gold is pretty simple but satisfying, but that's how I like them. When I need that refreshing "reward", a Saaz-hopped pale ale or pilsner always wins.
  6. Cheers Scott. I raise this beer in yours (and your guitar's) honour. Good work.
  7. It seems that avoiding enamel is the key. Not that this helps @curtisa after the fact.
  8. Conventionally? I don't think there reasonably is such a thing. There are established methods for getting from A to B, however that isn't always appropriate or convenient for everybody. You choose your battles.
  9. Woohoo! It's on.
  10. Understandable. Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats and Siberians all have similar aspects; he's Siberian. We have had two Wegies and Maine Coon though. Am I in danger of detailing Goran's thread with cat photos? Because Internet.
  11. I have a shop cat. Say hello to Spit....I'm sure he'll edge himself into the first season of videos....
  12. I might use this as an excuse to join you in a stiff drink, or even a slightly flaccid one.
  13. Yikes, I had that exact same thing happen to me on my white Explorer when I clearcoated over the base colour. I'd like to know whether those cracks could reliably be infilled with something like copper powder....
  14. Always good seeing you around, @Robbinst and what gifts you've brought this time, eh? Hickory is indeed an interesting choice for many reasons. Primarily, I've always been under the impression that it's a wood chosen for impact resistance, durability and shock-absorbing qualities. How that translates into the context of a guitar neck, I have no idea. Common "wisdom" (which usually isn't) would suggest that the last of those three qualities might result in a less musical-sounding neck. I'd probably disagree since the acoustic absorption of a wood can be the biggest quality that produces character and recognisability. The Hickory you used in the build with luminescent adornments a page or two back makes it look just like the Pecan that @ScottR was carving from a year or two back. If I could get it here, I wouldn't mind getting to know that wood better....
  15. You can't be polite with some beers. That's the road to beeradvocate.