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  1. Hey Brett - you had a thread or something going on around here someplace didn't you?
  2. Devin used to blow his voice out regularly on tour, and then around (2001, the time Terria and the first DTB album I think) he started to use his voice correctly instead of putting his foot to the floor every night. Still, the sacrifices made to get the recording of City done was nothing short of amazing. Total jet engine vocals. I wore out two tape copies of Operation: Mindcrime when I was a teenager. Still an awesome album from start to finish to this day. Geoff Tate can't quite hit the mark these days but still has that distinctiveness.
  3. I gather that it's still there, however I haven't gone looking for it or even noticed....I guess I've adapted to this new level of poorer functionality. I just checked with an Amsler grid. Still there, left eye. It isn't in the centre of my vision so meh.
  4. ....gold is yellow.... Thought I'd put that out there for you Brett.
  5. You lost me at, "can". That's a huge arse at 5 gallons. I'd get that looked at. No wonder you can't find your bike.
  6. Sauna is a very embedded part of culture here. Original sauna was savusauna, or smoke sauna, where the stone pile is set over an open fire leading the smoke to blacken the walls and everything in it. That soot has antimicrobial properties, and sauna is always the cleanest room. This dates back centuries. Children were born in sauna, the dead were washed there. Sauna is somewhat spiritual because of this, and it's maybe difficult for people to understand its importance in Finnish culture, instead focusing on the nudity. There's nothing like rolling in the snow naked in -30°C temps, or bombing into a lake on a summer's day.
  7. It's mostly down to the size of the particles in black pigment being coarse and stubborn I think. I'd have to re-check my sources on that as I've been using the guidance from theory and forgotten the underlying basis. Whichever, black is a bit too stark for my taste, especially when it tends to flatten figuring to the point of it resembling veneer or a photo finish very easily. I seem to recall that black is rarely true black, and when it is it's coarse....when it isn't it's an off-black with mega amounts of pigment. Something like that. Somebody else will add more useful info I hope.
  8. I suppose that a little consideration towards the negative space helps make it work, otherwise whatever is next to the fingerboard end needs to be working in unison with it.
  9. Remember to have an oil filter in the line as these will blow a fine mist of oil and water in the air.
  10. They banned highways to put robbers out of a job. Never heard of motorway robbers have you?
  11. Is there money in selling models? I mean, people that can't draw themselves generally tend to be a huge drag given the questions and constant support. "Sold as seen, I'm not your fucking engineer"
  12. I'll have to check it out also! I'm sure the rapid pace and development of software/standards will end up leaving SONAR in the dust, but yes, I grew up on Cakewalk Pro Audio v6. Man, good times.
  13. You too man! I'm pulled in so many directions these days that I scarcely find time to even play guitar, never mind build them....
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