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  1. Prostheta

    SG Respin

    If you do Brett, I'd recommend having a look into ABM's 3024 adjustable wraparounds: https://abm-guitarpartsshop.com/ABM-GUITAR-PARTS/Wraparound/Modern-Adjustable/ABM-3024:::256_88_122_123.html?language=en I have one of these allocated to (one of) the RG/SG(s) and it's a very very fine unit. Perfect for a Jr, where you want minimal controls and a spartan layout. Nina's was designed in this manner, however I went TOM/stoptail. I was tempted though. Regardless, designed to play with a cranked valve amp so you can clean it up by working the volume and tone. Organic, raw. That sort of buzzwordland.
  2. Prostheta

    First full build from scratch

    Indeed! So what's the post partum analysis?
  3. Prostheta

    First Build, so many lessons learned

    Indeed. Just need to change that screw on the switch cover!
  4. Prostheta

    Bokchoi's Double Humbucker Tele

    Anything below 4mm and you need to have a perfectly flat top with perpendicular sides to get it consistent with a router. I'd say maybe 4-6mm. Larger and it can look a bit clownshoeish, but it all depends on whether that design aspect complements or detracts from the bigger picture. Give it a few looks, sleep on it and look again. The answer will be forthcoming
  5. Prostheta

    SG Respin

    You always go back to the SGs eh Brett? I can't blame you. They're so fun to make with the bevelling. Just finishing up Nina's Jr. It looks like I accidentally fitted a nickel stoptail....
  6. The kids care, and that's what counts.
  7. I do all of my drilling by hand. Mostly out of necessity, but also because I know the limitations and my ability to drill a straight hole. Lots of practice just hammered it into my muscle motor memory. Also, a set of depth stops. Crazy that it's so underpowered. Why do people even produce them if they're not up to the game?
  8. Prostheta

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    Totally. He's one of the channels whose videos I'll be referencing a lot. Very excellent and descriptive to the point of feeling like it's hands-on. That's what people need.
  9. Prostheta

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Just a little. It was like being slapped in the face with a chunk of uranium yellowcake.
  10. Prostheta

    32" scale p bass "the picalow"

    Very nice switching possibilities! I think a three-position rotary is better anyway so you're never having two switch through "neighbours" in the switch to get to your destination mode. The bummer is when you have to switch both that AND the toggle. Still, I love it.
  11. Prostheta

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Jeez, you give my monitor's gamut a run for its money, that's for sure.
  12. Prostheta

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    I hear you on that. Being an ideas man, I outpace my ability to see things through with my ability to churn out new ideas at a prodigious pace. Aspergers doesn't help either. There's a guy on YouTube - Dr Nitro - who does amazing relicing and isn't shy with his process. I noticed that he uses a few art supply patina fluids which I'm super interested in. These might be useful to yourself also. Let me see if I can find them later, or even remember....you know me
  13. Sounds like the drills weren't cutting at all. More than likely trying to push their way through the wood as opposed to slicing it. In my experience, those lose their temper and ability to hold any sort of edge as soon as they get hot. Bin 'em. They're a liability to your workpiece, and I wouldn't risk it. FWIW, buy a couple of QUALITY bits such as proper HSS or even M2. They will cost a little more each than those crappy sets, but they'll keep working well after this job and produce a better cut. Trust me on this. It's also worth pecking your way through abusive woods like Purpleheart. It burnishes up and blackens with heat which will kill drills in no short order. Looking forward to seeing your truss rod fabbed!
  14. Prostheta

    SHB-2 - Tele build

    Quick tip - drill holes in your plywood templates over the end of the centerline for locating them. I put marks on the edges. The holes make it easier when the edge isn't perpendicular.
  15. Prostheta

    Depression and music

    Hmm. Well, we all have our methods of connecting to and processing our emotions, and music is an excellent conduit or language to rationalise them. Equally, other's music and the ideas contained within them are an easy way for us to say, "yes! that's me!". Back when Strapping Young Lad were touring, their gigs were always a special time for us UK fans to let out our inner weirdo, going to metal gigs in dressing gowns, plastering porn on on the monitors and all that fun stuff. Melancholy is not a negative thing, at least in my mind anyway. I lost my musical creativity back in the early 2000s. It's fine, and I'm happy with the other avenues that I create within. Is this what you're experiencing, or am I projecting?