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  1. Prostheta

    Les Paul build revisited

    Grounding should be approached as a separate job within the cavity. You have nine wires. Yikes. Well, those might pair down at the end of your humbuckers, but generally they can be simplified. Often your first wiring job isn't the most efficient, so looking at a bit of wiring porn and applying that backwards can build your chops and improve the approach. I either run a strong solid core "bus" between pot cases, run braided interconnects following signals or do star grounding via a solder tag on a cavity wall. Sometimes a certain setup calls for one over another for ease.
  2. Prostheta

    Les Paul build revisited

    Kind of. Most humbuckers will have either a braided screen plus two inner conductors or a braid plus four conductors. This is when the pickup is configured "with two coils permanently chained" as a humbucker or brought out entirely as two configurable coils. The braided screen is normally soldered to one "end" of the pickup coils, however there are a number of instances I can think of where you might want maximum configurability with a separate earth (such as a virtual earth differential preamp, let's not go there). Yes, it might seem like it is inviting ratnesting however for most applications most of the wires are paired up leaving a few "real" connections. More complex wiring systems such as those in many Ibanez HSH guitars will split up humbuckers and use their coils in all sorts of merry ways. I always use this diagram because it tells you all that you need to know, and referring to the coils by north/south and their wires by start/finish helps visualise buckers. The Seymour Duncan example is perfect. The white and red are normally soldered together and heatshrinked putting both coils in series. That leaves the black and green wires as the signal pair at the far end of both coils. In most "normal" applications, one end of a pickup coil (or aggregate) goes to ground, as does any earth screening braid. That means you can solder green and the braid together at some point and all you need to deal with is the black signal wire. To add some context to this, I completed a Tele for a friend with a four-way switching system described by a Breja Toneworks video on YouTube. In this case the bridge pickup is a humbucker (SD SH-4) and the neck pickup a boutique Tele neck. The humbucker has a series/parallel configuration via a toggle whilst the four-way allow bridge only, both in series and then both in parallel with a fourth neck-only position. This wouldn't have been possible if either of the pickups didn't have all of the wires available to re-configure how they work, especially the Tele neck which normally comes with two wires only. Yeah, it's a ballache but once you start digging into the possibilities it makes a lot more sense. I hope this helped!
  3. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Sounds like it wasn't the most harrowing of trips Wes. It can get that way.
  4. Prostheta

    Bronze guitar

    I'd imagine it's like a boat anchor.
  5. Prostheta

    Bokchoi's Double Humbucker Tele

    Same as my own spindle sander. Cheap but does the job. FWIW if you haven't already done so, buy a sanding drum cleaner stick or whatever they're called. The media for these gets expensive once you use gummier woods!
  6. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Exactly that. Doesn't work that way here.
  7. Prostheta

    Hello. New to the site....No laughing please

    Sure have, and it didn't look like that.
  8. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    You probably farted mid-op and were put on the naughty list. Nina was in obs for six hours before I dutifully picked her up. Surprised they turned out that fast, man. I guess it was probably easier on the back pocket not hanging around though.
  9. Prostheta

    Bronze guitar

    Damn cool, Benoit. Did bronze shrinkage factor in at all?
  10. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    The worst for Nina and my sister was that they both had strangely short ducts around the gall bladder, complicating removal.
  11. Prostheta

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    I'd imagine that crapping your pants and performing your work duties are mutually exclusive? Well done you! Seriously though. Having your gall bladder removed is seen as being mostly impact-free, however my sister developed IBS plus Nina is more sensitive than usual to indoor air quality. The subtle differences are far better than constantly crippling pain of course. I guess it's just a case of incorporating this new normal into your life.
  12. Prostheta

    Four new rockers are coming to life

    Wow, now that's a nice guitar! One I'd certainly get along with very well. That's a material and hardware spec that speaks to me. Nice. Going to GOTM her?
  13. Prostheta

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    Yeah, I've had some brown-trouser moments when sending embers up into the high-speed high-volume air extraction full of oxygen and fuel. Mmmm. Splosive.
  14. Prostheta

    Bronze guitar

    Wow, so much yes in this one.
  15. Prostheta

    Bokchoi's Double Humbucker Tele

    Agreed! My eye was drawn to that also.