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  1. Totally why I suggested that your tutor do it.... I could easily make one up and mail it, however my acrylic stock is something like 10-12mm. You lose too much cutting depth.
  2. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    It's a mild -7°C/19°F here in Pori. We've had silly winds the last few weeks which have blown all of the snow off the ice on the ground, making paths impossible to cycle on (yes, we do that) and generally the smaller roads are rough and annoying. Apparently we have a "snow inferno" on the way on Friday. That's fine. You can shovel snow. Ice just isn't an option.
  3. Both myself, @KnightroExpress and maybe @curtisa have that same Makita RT0700/RT0701? I have to agree that it's a lovely little tool, however the single locking collet needs to be kept clean and it's important to ensure the shank is held tightly. The spindle lock isn't worth a damn. It might be worthwhile considering seeing if the course tutor will make up an offset base for the Makita. Keeping the tool held parallel to the top tightly makes work even smoother. The same would apply for the larger Makita also. Half of the tool's weight is held off the workpiece, and given that the base has a fookin' great hole in it, there's precious little real estate left to keep all of that mass from tipping around. A big round piece of 6-10mm clear acrylic/Perspex base with a smaller hole for the bit makes a world of difference.
  4. cnc rebuild

  5. cnc rebuild

  6. cnc rebuild

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Lookit her go. ....and HOW LONG IS THAT SPINDLE BODY?!
  7. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    When's the goat dungeon going in?
  8. I second that. It's a challenge in terms of flattening and glueing up. You'd be using virtually every clamp in the class!
  9. Well, I hardly expected you to not be keeping yourself busy John....! NAMM'll be an absolutely goldmine opportunity for your materials, doubtless. I'm guessing that the only requirement to make a new "figure" would be machining a mould? "Only" being somewhat of an understatement of course.....! How tightly can the solid CF be moulded, and how detailed can a pattern get? Really looking forward to an after-NAMM report. Especially on the extent of the Saturday hangovers that seem to be more or less obligatory.
  10. Pariahrob's build log

    Agreed. Small details well put can be more consequential than everything else sometimes.
  11. True. It's good to illustrate this whether Norris can action the idea or not. Many people swing by these threads looking for options for their own ideas.
  12. P90s should give you a good fight at a stable neck anyway by virtue of their shallow routs. Its those silly humbucker things that cause all kinds of problems with neck tenons not usably extending far enough into the body. The lack of pickguard does mean that the tenon has to stop at the end of the P90 rout, otherwise you could take it a long way back.
  13. Pariahrob's build log

    Wow, you don't see things like that off the shelf. Love that 12th fret inlay too! haha
  14. 2.5itims build thread 2017

    Tru-Oil turns faded denim into rusty faded denims ;-)
  15. Guitars and Numbers

    Setting as level a playing field for all of the test subjects is the only way to prevent other factors affecting what you're attempting to examine and quantify. I shouldn't need to tell you this of course, since you're the physics scientist and I'm a wood butcher. It would be interesting to compare the results from the materials, ordering by mass, etc. I almost wrote that "brass rings like a bell", whilst that should be "bell bronze". hahaha TUSQ does have an interesting tap tone when several nuts are shaken in a tray, that's for sure. Not sure how - or if - this translates to desirable properties. Do you have any Corian to test? I could send you some if you want.