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  1. Wow! That Zebrano has a sweet antiqued look to it. Very very nice. Good luck in GOTM also!
  2. I'm sure that it'll correct itself. Once the site has one "view" of an image, the proxy will cache it for all.
  3. Spokeshaves need setting up well before they shape necks smoothly. Chattering just makes them disappointing or even frustrating to use. Odd. Seems that Photobucket is refusing external linking.
  4. I might have to get a nice new rasp for neck carving myself. It is glorious.
  5. "Whoa, plastic forks! Me too! Not so good in a bar fight though"
  6. Yeah, well starting by apologising isn't the best way to kick things off. I should know, I'm English. We apologise for our existence constantly and compound that by using understatement by default.
  7. I saw them, yes! Fascinating bit of material engineering. I make furniture and lighting....I strongly believe that lighting is the driver for is a room feels. I've built all kinds of lamps and sconces around our home and it transforms the place throughout our dark seasonal periods.
  8. We don't actively discuss acoustics as much as we should here. We've always meant more towards electric solid bodies however your experience will be an interesting one to feed in. I am wondering; perhaps a bone bridge may sound similar to Graph Tech Tusq or NuBone? I have a set of VS100 saddles which just need a baseplate. I'll have to try them out!
  9. Wow, well I'll be waiting with bated breath on that one! Are you actually at NAMM? If so, drop by Ormsby and say hey to Perry! I'm sure that your amazing pickguard or top materials will be of interest to his eye. To my mind, I have not yet known NAMM exhibitors produce any flying machines. This can only be good. If you can engineer a tool to do what you want it to do, making it from a beer can is just an apt bonus! Have you created a thread about what you're doing with these crazy things? I'm sure Norris doesn't mind, however I can see this tool/fabricating fun going on within a long long discussion....especially when it comes to lasers....
  10. I think by that point it's more relevant on darker colours, and for things like holograms on the surface.
  11. I love a good chilli.
  12. Without wanting to draw this out, the comparison I'd use is that you couldn't responsibly allow a beginner to make a jump on the own packing simply because they watched a YouTube video on how to do it. By that coin I should be able to drive an Aston Martin at warp speed thanks to having seen Jeremy Clarkson on the gogglebox a few times.
  13. That's it exactly; there's more than one way to achieve an end for most things....even packing parachutes, right? I've always been of the opinion that the best form of education is the one that makes the learner capable, rather than them simply encouraging them to ignorantly ape. Agreed about the brown-nosers. I walked away from the "conversation" (tenuous use of that word....) as you could tell that nobody was looking for solutions or consensus on the suggestions made. The discussion with Ben was never closed thanks to the loud idiots rushing in to "back him up". I'm sure that Ben is perfectly capable of managing himself. All information is good information, however there's a degree of responsibility that is required in presenting it for public consumption. The most immediate example is not qualifying dangers; an example being routing. Making it look simple or not putting sufficient emphasis on the difficulty/skills required easily puts the enthusiastic into situations where they can injure themselves. To me, the line is drawn clearly when the responsible safety of others is involved. I have no opinions on his guitars or his business in anything other than his blatant hawking of his own products. Hell, I'm an idealist and have long thought that education should be completely separated from commercial interest, and be a non-profit venture. Education is an investment in people, not a vehicle for marketing. I can't help but watch various videos by YouTubers and wonder exactly, "what is this trying to say?". I unsubscribed from his videos long ago thanks to his long-winded blathering and cringeworthy false attempts at humour.
  14. Wow, you improve your game every time Scott. That is indeed a super-deep finish. I might be tempted to buy a bunch of the Meguiars compounds "for the car".
  15. Definitely one for a router thicknesser, or having a local company with a wide drum sander do it for some beer.