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  1. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    If they turn 360° and puke pea soup, it's Pazuzu.
  2. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    It always does when you let the flies out.
  3. SHB-2 - Tele build

    I did that on Nina's SG. It's fine with the right prep work and checking frets for seating. I don't think there are many things I discourage in fretting, as long as one's choice of working is reasoned out.
  4. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    I haven't been able to source casting resins at a reasonable price here (yet, I have things in the works) and don't have enough direct experience or knowledge to compare. I would say that any exposure is bad, and I'm unsure whether "casual" carries to much of a lightweight attitude to it. "Casual asbestos exposure" wouldn't be fine. I think that protecting yourself is a bare minimum at all levels otherwise you risk being too casual with where the line is drawn. I work with dust on an occupational level though, so I need to be zero tolerance. Silicosis is highly unlikely for most, but a lot of unpleasant side effects occur in the range....I can end up with sleep apnea if I have a bad day and allow myself to be dusted by the table saw without a respirator for extended periods of time. It's a concern for me.
  5. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Floaters can vary in severity. My scotoma is still there. Left eye, two down and one to the left of my centre of focus on an Amsler grid. Blurry, like I'd been looking at a bright light and have an afterimage spot. Smaller than one square. I don't notice it unless I look for it. It has to be the worse excuse for a crappy ghost ever.
  6. SHB-2 - Tele build

    This seems to be a subject of contention, the whole "fretting off the neck" thing. Mostly because the flex in the board can cause it to backbow as the fret tangs don't fully bite into the endgrain in the slots. Just keep it nice and flat, and hold the fret when pressed for a second or two. Another one of those non-issues that people like to discuss endlessly ("to no useful end").
  7. Radius Sanding Blocks from Jig to Final

    Don't rush. The instruments will always be the better for using well-made jigs.
  8. SHB-2 - Tele build

    I couldn't say either way. I sometimes fret when the neck is flat, and sometimes after carving since I have rounded neck support cauls. Either way works with a press, so it depends on whether you can support the back of the neck, or whether you need it to be flat to get it done.
  9. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    That's probably the best way in this proposed application. Not sure how much of a window the 30min Z-Poxy (since I prefer to talk about simpler off the shelf stuff) might have given the mixing time, and whether heating closes that window up for pouring. It would need to be very organised.
  10. SG Respin

  11. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Too late. I've come down with some crappy lurgy.
  12. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Ah, don't you be dragging your weird swamp illnesses and passing them around the thread, old fart! Still, have a great week yourself....!
  13. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    I wanted to see how much product I could get the epoxy to handle before it refused to bind it together or became too gritty. I think it might have handled more....even though I think by this point it was a case of diminishing returns.
  14. Radius Sanding Blocks from Jig to Final

    Jigs are almost as fun as making guitars. I swear.