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there's something wonky here, all tha places where there should be an icon of sorts only show a rectangle like these


It most likely isn't at my end as I've tried two different browsers and my tablet. They share the same connection, though, but I guess a bad network would affect all sites.

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OK - I can get something slightly different to you guys if I use MS Edge:


But Chrome and Internet Explorer look fine on my PC. 

That said, the above is hardly a conclusive test - I'm on a corporate network at the moment and with the various IT security policies I have to deal with on a daily basis, I'm lucky to get the forums to work properly at all from the office. And I almost never use MS Edge either so I don't know if the above display is typical for me or not.

I can check again when I get home tonight and I can try Firefox on my home PC, but at the moment things look more or less fine. 

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Still the same. The only difference is that on Edge and Chrome there's just a rectangle, on Firefox there's a two row four digit code starting with an F.

I unplugged my router yesterday to refresh the connection. I also shut my computer down by pressing Shift at the same time to get a fresh startup. And I've set my browsers to wipe all history when closing.

For testing I also changed my name servers to those provided by my ISP and rebooted. No change so I'll change the changes.


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If you force the site to https instead http, it says the cert is not valid, but once you accept the risk it loads FontAwesome and all the goodies and it looks normal. But the issue is that all the links are http so once you click onto something (thread, forum secion etc.) you're again on a http site so fonts won't load (mixed content bla bla).

Just a question, is there any place in the forum software where you set the site URL? Can you change it from http to https? :) 

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