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Guitar Names

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My destroyed 10 year old washburn strat-copy is....POS (piece o sht...on looks only [its really destroyed].....still plays well..and sounds fine)

My ESP xtone is....Lucinda

My Ovation is....Friday

My bass is....Bertha

My new project is....Unnamed until completed, can't name it until i see it

Now for manufacturer names...Ive got no clue...But they could use some new names....

Especially those Ibanez guitars.....When is RG952583 coming out?

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My bass is....Bertha
My left hand is called bertha!

I guess when I have given my guitars names, it would be like my faveortie westone (its a thunder II), I called it west, and my trace elliot bass amp, tracy...

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I've got "Tone Monkey Custom Creations" on the headstocks as my brand name sort of thing.

Then I've got the "polished-turd-ocaster" and I haven't named the LP Jr

My motorbikes called "Crotch Rocket" though :D

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Well, I think if this guitar I'm gonna build turns out to be playable, I'll call it a:

"Paul Needs Myth".

Signature inlaid in Abalone on the headstock, of course!

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Here are some names or guitars and ****.



Jack's Son

Initials of your name: in my case, Keith A Sherwood = KAS

or just do your name full stop, Keith Sherwood


The "Rolling Doobies" B)




Slipped on Snot


The Blue Cold Cheap Chilli's

Spear Brittany :D

MickiSoft AKA Microsoft


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